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The increasing complexity of integrated circuits, rapidly rising processor performance and increasing miniaturisation are an increasingly big challenge in the development of optimal cooling solutions. The power losses are becoming higher, and at the same time the space for cooling measures is becoming scarcer. The right interaction of heat-conducting material, heat sinks and space utilisation is therefore crucial for the cooling concept. That’s why we work with our customers to develop custom-fit heat sinks for cooling with air and liquids. Our know-how covers various industries and areas in order to develop the optimal cooling solution together with the customer at any time.

Our extremely powerful heat sinks and cooling solutions are successfully used in the fields of medical and electrical engineering, opto-electronics and electromobility (electric charging stations, HPC cable systems and batteries), among others. In industrial applications in mechanical and plant engineering, too, our high-performance coolers are a guarantee for long-lasting and optimal use.

We develop cooling solutions for the following areas, among others:

Entwicklung von Kühllösungen für den medizinischen Bereich

Cooling for medicine

In the field of medicine, we develop and produce high-performance and optimally fitting heat sinks and systems for analysis and testing devices, for example for the detection of HIV infections.

Entwicklung von Kühllösungen für die Radar- und Lidartechnik

Cooling for HF/RF

In radar and lidar technology, our cooling solutions help with the necessary dissipation of the power loss, for example in phased array antennas. For example, our know-how and our cooling technology also provide the necessary cooling for the German space radar GESTRA (German Experimental Space Surveillance and Tracking Radar).

Entwicklung von Kühllösungen für z.B. den öffentlichen Nah- und Fernverkehr

Cooling for mobility

The cooling of elementary components within modern machines is our speciality. For the mobility sector, we offer, among other things, high-performance IGBT phase device cooling.

Anschluss eines wassergekühlten HPC-Ladekabels

Cooling for e-mobility

The future of mobility relies on electric – with the help of our efficient and durable cooling solutions for electric motors, charging stations, HPC charging cables, batteries (accumulators) and power electronics. Because only intelligent and efficient thermal management guarantees high efficiency.

Learn more about cooling for e-mobility now…

Entwicklung von Kühllösungen für die Luft- und Raumfahrt

Cooling for aerospace

In the aerospace sector, we develop and manufacture cooling solutions for drones and test and analysis stations, for example.

Entwicklung von Kühllösungen für die Opto-Elektronik

Cooling for opto-electronics

The efficient and fail-safe cooling of powerful lasers, beam dumps and laser shutters is also no problem for our development team. Together with our customers, we design the optimal cooling system.

Cooling for the industry

Our professional and powerful cooling solutions are also indispensable in mechanical and plant engineering. For example, we develop powerful and compact cooling systems for welding robots, tomographs and servo motors.

Construction of test and inspection stands

Development of measuring, test and inspection stands that produce high-precision data and are explicitly designed and developed based on the wishes and requirements of our customers. The machines are traceably calibrated on request and designed for long durability.

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