Thyristor cooling

Leistungsstarke Kühler für Thyristoren


A thyristor is a semiconductor component that is used in many areas. The thyristor consists of several (at least four) semiconductor layers, which are built up with alternating doping. Over the last few years, the current and voltage range of thyristors has steadily increased, which has also led to an increase in power dissipation.

This increasing power loss of thyristors and IGBTs (semiconductor components) causes problems in many areas, which can only be solved with optimal cooling. For example, thyristors in the form of disc cells (disc case) cover up to 8000 A or 7200 V, which generates very high waste heat in some cases and thus makes cooling on both sides absolutely necessary.

With the help of the powerful thyristor water coolers for disc cells, which can be fully integrated into your projects, this problem is solved effectively and sustainably. In this way, the required performance and stability of the thyristors is guaranteed even at the highest power dissipation.

Kühler für Scheibenzelle
Thyristor cooler for disc cells

At innovatek, the design, development, simulation and production of customised coolers for thyristors does not depend on the number of units and can be easily realised by our competent team even for highly complex specifications.

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