Cooling of charging stations

Leistungsstarke Kühllösungen für die E-Mobilität


It is not only the charging cable that needs the strongest possible cooling in e-mobility, the power electronics in modern charging stations also produce a sometimes very high level of waste heat when charging an electric vehicle. In addition to conventional air cooling – which very quickly reaches its thermal limits, especially in summer – a high-quality and powerful water cooling system can also be used here.

Mit Wasser gekühlte Ladestation für besonders stabile Leistungen
Water-cooled charging station for particularly stable performance

With the help of such a cooling system from innovatek, even the power electronics of particularly fast-charging charging stations can be cooled safely and, above all, efficiently. By using our high-performance cooling systems, operation is even possible in midsummer without any problems.

Together with you, we design the optimal cooling of the power electronics of your charging stations – of course depending on your specifications and the (planned) construction of your charging station. After the conception, we develop and produce the cooling so that your charging stations are also optimally cooled.

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Intelligent cooling technology and heat control!

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