Sustainability – for the good of our planet

innovatek - Mit Nachhaltigkeit zur Klimaneutraltität


Climate protection is not only the task of politics or private households, companies must also promote and live it. At innovatek, we already use various means to make our work as climate-neutral as possible and thus contribute to greater sustainability. In doing so, we would like to intensify our commitment to climate protection even more in the future and further reduce our CO² emissions. Because there is no Planet B.

At innovatek, we are currently focusing on various ways and technologies to promote sustainability and climate protection:

innovatek Kühllösungen in Ladesäulen für Elektrofahrzeuge

Sustainable cooling solutions for e-mobility

We are professionals in our field and find solutions where others helplessly wave them off! So why not use our know-how to make a significant contribution to the advancement of e-mobility? That’s why we have been developing and producing efficient, high-performance and particularly compact cooling solutions for e-mobility for several years, including the cooling of high-performance charging columns and charging cables, batteries and electric motors.

Versorgung des eigenen Energiebedarfs durch nachhaltige Solarenergie

Sustainable through the power of the sun

Thanks to large-scale photovoltaic systems on our own buildings, we generate a large part of the electricity we need ourselves. This not only reduces costs, it also protects the environment and helps us at innovatek on our way to climate neutrality.

Wir und unsere Kunden tanken Strom - der Umwelt zuliebe!

Mobile thanks to electricity

For our customers as well as our employees, we offer the “refuelling” of their vehicles with energy thanks to our own charging facility. And thanks to our photovoltaic systems, this electricity is also 100 percent green. In addition, we ourselves are already using modern and economical electric vehicles – for the sake of the environment!

Rubbish? No thanks!

Wherever possible, we at innovatek try to avoid generating waste. Whether it is the sensible and environmentally friendly use of paper or the recycling and upcycling of cardboard boxes, material bins and disposable containers. We also repair old or damaged pallets to avoid the unnecessary use of new pallets. And if machines and equipment have a defect, resource-saving repair is always our top priority.


We develop and produce in Germany.

Intelligent cooling technology and heat control!

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