Kühler mit minimalem Bauraum und extremer Effizienz


Our high-end coolers (heatsinks) customised for your project cool components such as sensors, actuators, power stages, IGBTs and much more in minimal installation space with extremely high efficiency. Our liquid heat sinks also solve tricky cooling problems at the edge of what is technically and physically feasible and are also the optimal solution for special requirements.

The water and air coolers are individually adapted to the component to be cooled and optimised for each application. Our product spectrum ranges from simple and cost-efficient cooling plates with simple flow geometry to extremely sophisticated cooling structures and high-end coolers with integrated sensors and pressure control technology.

In addition to use in computer, server and industrial systems, our coolers can also be found in a wide range of other applications. Our high-performance coolers are used in these areas, among others:

  • Medical technology
    Optimal fitting heat sinks for analysis and test equipment
  • Radar and lidar technology (HF/RF)
    Powerful cooling of e.g. phased array antennas
  • Mobility
    Optimal cooling of inverters and motors (e.g. IGBT phase device cooling)
  • E-mobility
    Efficient cooling of electric charging stations, HPC cable systems and accumulators (batteries).
    Learn more about cooling for e-mobility now.
  • Aerospace
    High-load and high-performance cooling for e.g. drones, test and analysis stations
  • Opto-Electronics
    Cooling of actuators and keeping ambient conditions constant
  • 3D printing
    Powerful coolers and cooling systems for 3D printing

Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email if you are interested.

We look forward to your project!


We develop and produce in Germany.

Intelligent cooling technology and heat control!

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