Thermal conductive and contact materials

Wärmeleit- und Kontaktmittel für den Wärmetransfer


Optimal cooling – especially with high waste heat – is not only ensured by the use of potent cooling, because the waste heat must be transferred from the heat source to the heat sink. In order to achieve the best possible heat transfer, the contact medium used (heat conduction medium) is therefore also absolutely crucial. 

We offer you these heat conduction materials in the form of heat conduction paste, heat conduction pad, Peltier gel, liquid metal and heat conduction adhesive, which you can purchase directly by telephone via our sales department on +49 (0) 8405 / 9259-0 and to a large extent also directly in our online shop:

Wärmeleitpasten für die optimale Kontaktierung von Flächen

Heat-conducting paste (Thermal paste)

Thermal conductive paste is based on filler-containing oils with filler materials such as aluminium oxide, silver particles or ceramic powder. Thermal conductive paste is usually anomalously viscous and suitable for a variety of applications.

The classic thermal paste usually has a thermal conductivity value between 2 and 10 W/mK and scores points for its usually very simple applicability. In our online shop we offer you, among other things, excellent thermal conductive pastes from the manufacturers Arctic Silver and Coollaboratory.

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Wärmeleitpads - leicht in der Anwendung und spaltfüllend

Heat conducting pad and foil

Heat conduction pads and foils are based on different materials. The heat conduction pad (contact pad) is particularly suitable for applications with larger gaps between the heat source and the heat sink. The thermal conductivity here is usually somewhat lower than with the heat-conducting paste.

The thermal conductive foil is suitable for partly extreme requirements, as this supports the heat transfer excellently due to its extremely low thickness and the usually very high thermal conductivity. The best thermal conductive foils at present are made of metal alloys, such as the electrically conductive indium-iridium foil or the Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad.

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Leistungsstarker Wärmeleitkleber mit Silberoxid

Thermally conductive adhesive

Thermal conductive adhesives are based on filled epoxies with filler materials such as aluminium oxide or silver particles. Thermal conductive adhesives are suitable for all applications where the heat sink cannot or should not be mechanically connected to the heat source. Due to the very strong adhesive effect of the heat conductive adhesive, a secure connection can be made.

With the innovatek High Silver heat conductive adhesive, we offer you a high-quality and particularly high-performance 2-component heat conductive adhesive with different pot times (processing times) as well as in different containers (4 g and 10 g) in our online shop.

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Peltier-Kontaktgel - das optimale Wärmeleitmittel für Peltierkühlungen.

Peltier contact gel

Peltier contact gel is based on a gelling and permanently elastic 2-component siloxal oil. The gel was specially developed for Peltier cooling and is the optimal means for heat transfer in Peltier cooling.

The Peltier contact medium is used for the permanently stable and re-releasable connection of Peltier elements to heat exchangers or heat sinks. The Peltier gel is absolutely stable over the long term, permanently efficient and does not segregate even with a high number of cycles. Conventional contact agents are not suitable for use with Peltier elements.

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Äußerst leistungsstarke und langlebige Wärmeleitpaste aus Flüssigmetall

Liquid metal thermal paste

Liquid metal heat conduction paste is based on high-quality metal alloys of, for example, gallium and indium. The liquid metal heat-conducting paste is liquid at room temperature and can be processed differently depending on the variant selected. Liquid metal thermal paste is compatible with common metals such as copper, nickel, silver or even gold, but it cannot be used with aluminium. In terms of performance, the liquid metal thermal paste from the manufacturer Coollaboratory, which was specially developed for use in cooling systems, is the best possible solution for heat transfer in air and water cooling.

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