Die Historie des Unternehmens innovatek OS GmbH


The history of innovatek OS GmbH
from start-up to established expert for cooling technology and cooling systems.

For over 20 years, we have been offering our customers a professional and goal-oriented service to realise the cooling of (industrial) plants in the best possible way. In doing so, our employees have a high level of know-how due to their many years of experience, which enables us to develop even cooling solutions for our customers that were considered impossible. No wonder, then, that cooling solutions from innovatek are now successfully and reliably in use all over the world.

Our history at a glance:

  • Enlargement of the development and office space

    In order to meet the constantly increasing demand from our customers, some of our departments have moved into a new office building to give our teams from the development, prototyping and production departments more space. Thus, our accounting department, the management, the personnel management as well as the purchasing and sales team have now found their place in the newly built office building.

  • Setting up laboratories and measuring machines

    Moderne Messanlagen und Labore Installation of measuring machines for testing and measuring a wide variety of elements. Additional installation of laboratories to realise professional and precise measurements and tests.

  • Expansion of the development of cooling systems for e-mobility

    Effiziente Kühllösungen für Ladesäulen, Speicher, HPC-Ladekabel und Elektromotoren Due to ever higher power outputs within electric mobility, innovatek has developed even more efficient cooling solutions to ensure the cooling of powerful charging columns, storage units, HPC charging cables or even electric motors even in difficult and confined spaces. In the meantime, the cooling solutions developed and produced by innovatek are successfully in operation in a large number of charging columns worldwide.

  • Cooling of additive equipment (3D printers)

    In the course of the company’s own use of additive manufacturing equipment, efficient and compact cooling solutions for 3D printers were created, which are now also being offered to customers after internal testing.

  • Expansion of the own machine park

    By expanding the production area, the company’s own machinery could be supplemented with further 6-axis and 7-axis machining centres.

  • Expansion of production to include additive manufacturing

    In addition to the existing production depots with various machining centres, our production and development now also includes a variety of equipment for additive manufacturing (3D printing), which provides even greater flexibility in development.

  • Relaunch of the innovatek website

    In addition to our company website, we have also completely revised the innovatek webshop in order to present our know-how, our services and our products even better.

  • Expansion of the production area and construction of a new production hall

    Neu errichtete Produktionshalle neben der Firmenzentrale Due to a large number of new employees and the constant growth, a modern production hall was built directly next to the company headquarters in 2017, which means that over 2,000 m² are now available for the development and production of customer orders.

  • Cooling for e-mobility

    Kühlung von Ladestationen und Ladekabeln Entry into the conception and development of custom-fit cooling solutions for electromobility in order to ensure the future need for waste heat transport even at high power levels.

  • Cooling for the mobility sector

    Development of high-performance and particularly compact cooling solutions to provide the necessary cooling in the mobility sector – e.g. in the form of cooling thyristors in trains.

  • Expansion of the own machine park

    Thanks to a large number of projects, the stock in our machine park has been expanded to include 4-axis and 5-axis machining centres.

  • Development of the TEC Active heat exchanger

    The development and production of the innovative TEC Active heat exchanger has made it even easier to design particularly powerful and low-vibration cooling systems in confined spaces. The TEC Active heat exchanger is also available in a booster version with even more cooling capacity.

  • Equipping the roof surfaces with photovoltaics

    Nutzung von Photovoltaik auf dem Firmengebäude der innovatek OS GmbH In the course of sustainability, modern photovoltaic modules have been installed on large areas of the roofs of our company buildings, which provide part of the energy we need. An important step towards more environmental protection and sustainability.

  • Development of new control systems for industrial water cooling systems

    Entwicklung eigener Steuersysteme (SC-Serie) zur individuell anpassbaren Regelung und Überwachung von innovatek Kühlanlagen By developing our own control systems (SC series), we enable our customers to control and monitor the innovatek cooling units in their systems even more easily and individually to ensure even more comfort, performance and safety.

  • Expansion of the product range in the industrial sector

    After the necessary growth and the development of extensive know-how, the focus was placed on the cooling of industrial applications in 2010.

  • Expansion of the distribution network

    In 2007 – parallel to the industrial branch – a large number of online shops and distributors could be won for the distribution of innovatek products for the IT/EDP sector.

  • Entry into the industrial sector

    Thanks to the further growth of the development and production departments, the company entered the industrial sector on a large scale in 2006. One project was the close cooperation with the German manufacturer EHEIM, which resulted in the jointly developed innovative PCPS pump.

  • Completion of the product focus

    Due to our great success in the design, development and production of cooling solutions, all product groups and distributors not directly related to innovatek’s core competence were dissolved in 2005 as part of our product focus. This allowed us to focus even more strongly on our core competencies.

  • Launch of the innovatek webshop

    In order to offer our products for the IT market not only through dealers and distributors, the innovatek webshop was published in 2004. In this shop, interested customers found a wide range of products for cooling.

  • Start of production of own products

    After intensive development work, production of the first own products for the IT/EDP and cooling technology sectors began in 2002. At the same time, third-party distributors were dissolved in order to focus exclusively on our own products and developments. In the course of the year, the area of mechanical engineering was also expanded.

  • First development departments in Stammham

    Das innovatek Firmengebäude im Jahr 2001 Due to the strong growth of innovatek OS GmbH, the company moved to its own premises in Stammham (Bavaria) in 2001. Here, with the help of new employees, the first in-house development departments were created in the areas of electronics (external) and water cooling/mechanical engineering (internal).

  • Foundation of innovatek OS GmbH

    In 2000, the shareholders Markus Husterer and Peer Schmoll founded innovatek OS GmbH with headquarters in Starkertshofen/Reichertshofen in container construction. Start of the product area “water cooling”.

  • innovatek founded as an individual company

    Foundation of innovatek as a individual enterprise by Markus Husterer and registration of the word and figurative mark “innovatek”.



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