The company

Das Unternehmen innovatek OS GmbH konzipiert, entwickelt und produziert Kühlanlagen für die E-Mobilität, industrielle Anwendungen, Medizintechnik sowie Opto-Elektronik.


The innovatek company develops and produces special cooling systems for industrial applications in mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, opto-electronics and medical technology as well as in electromobility. If you wish, we can offer you an all-inclusive package of consulting, conception, development and production – so that your project does not fail because of the necessary cooling.

Thanks to our many years of know-how and our innovative working methods, we can cool any system – regardless of the available installation space or the power loss to be dissipated. Your specifications and requirements are decisive for us.

Do you already have a cooling system and want to check or optimise it? Here, too, our company is at your disposal with professional expertise. Simply contact us by phone, email or our contact form.

Die Firmenzentrale der innovatek OS GmbH neben einer Logistik- / Produktionshalle
Our company headquarters next to one of our logistics/production halls

The history of innovatek

The success story of innovatek OS GmbH began in 1999 with an idea and the courage of a founder, and has developed over the years. From a small start-up to a solid and successful company that knows how to solve even the most complex problems through know-how and creativity.

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Our philosophy

Every cooling problem can be solved. The guarantee for this is our extensive knowledge, our years of experience in the field of cooling and our ability to find ways and means where others have already given up. This is our mission.

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Jobs at innovatek

We are constantly looking for reinforcements in order to be able to manage the tasks ahead of us even better, faster and more effectively. We also offer a wide range of opportunities for career changers.

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We develop and produce in Germany.

Intelligent cooling technology and heat control!

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