Cooling for 3D printers

Leistungsstarke Kühllösungen für 3D-Drucker


Temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius sometimes prevail in modern and powerful 3D printers, which can quickly become a thermal problem for the components installed in them. This problem can be solved with effective and custom-fit cooling for 3D printers – we would be happy to provide you with our diverse know-how in this area.

We offer you the optimal solution for cooling your 3D printer on the basis of air or water cooling. Our cooling systems are individually tailored to the 3D printer you are using in order to ensure effective cooling of the 3D printer.

Even the smallest or most awkward installation spaces are no problem for us to realise a precisely fitting cooling solution. In the end, we guarantee the best possible cooling of the 3D printer – exactly according to your wishes and specifications.

Cross-section of a powerful air cooling system for the hotend

Cooling with water

If a water cooling system is to be installed in the 3D printer due to the power losses that occur, this will include, in addition to one or more water coolers, a pump, expansion tank, high-performance heat exchanger (radiator) and any necessary monitoring and control electronics.

Of course, we place the highest value on quality and safety, so that a corresponding water cooling system can be operated without worries in the long term, even with strong vibrations and loads. In conjunction with our high-performance coolants, which have a long service life, you get the perfect solution for your thermal waste heat problem.

At innovatek, the design, development, simulation and production of customised coolers and cooling systems does not depend on the number of units and can be easily realised by our competent team even for highly complex specifications.

Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email if you are interested.

We look forward to your project!


We develop and produce in Germany.

Intelligent cooling technology and heat control!

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