Cooling for e-mobility

Leistungsstarke Kühllösungen für die E-Mobilität


The future belongs to e-mobility – but this environmentally friendly and extremely efficient technology also requires optimum cooling (water cooling) due to its high power density in order to exploit its advantages to the full.

If the electric motor, battery (accumulator), charging cable or even the power electronics in the charging station itself become too warm, this can have a strong negative impact on efficiency. At innovatek, we not only produce cooling solutions for e-mobility, we also design and develop them together with our customers to enable intelligent thermal management for electric cars, (HPC) charging cables or even (storage-based) charging stations.

Especially in the case of particularly powerful systems, the dissipation of the waste heat is a decisive factor in order to guarantee the performance of the system safely and, above all, at a high level of performance over a longer period of time. With the help of our cooling solutions, you can cool the following electromobility components, among others:

A classic example is the charging of an electric vehicle, as the cooling of the charging cable, the charging station itself and the battery has a decisive influence on the speed of the charging process. If the components become too warm, the system throttles the energy to be fed in, which in turn leads to a longer charging process. This is particularly important for fast-charging stations and cables (high-power charging).

Electric vehicle next to a charging station with innovatek cooling system

In addition to the performance, the service life of the components used also benefits from optimally adapted cooling, as in this case a lower thermal load occurs.

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