Cable cooling for HPC charging cable

Leistungsstarke Kühllösungen für die E-Mobilität


Until the introduction of High Power Charging (HPC) technology, charging electric vehicles was a sometimes lengthy process, as a charging station with its charging cable only provided a limited amount of power. With the new technology of fast charging stations, however, this is a thing of the past, as thanks to High Power Charging a significantly higher power can be made available to the connected vehicle.

The other side of this coin, however, is the significant increase in waste heat, which is generated in the HPC charging cable, among other things, and can drastically reduce the charging power if the cooling is not sufficient.

The remedy here is a high-performance cable cooling system to absorb the waste heat generated in the HPC cable through the usually pre-installed coolers and hoses and effectively dissipate it to the environment. Our cooling systems are not only optimally positioned in terms of performance, we also design, develop and produce them entirely according to your requirements – even for very high outputs or particularly compact charging stations.

Elektrofahrzeug neben einem speicherbasierten Schnelllader, jeweils mit innovatek Kühlanlage
Electric vehicle next to a storage-based fast charger, each with innovatek cooling system

Our high-performance cooling systems are used, among other things, in (storage-based) HPC charging stations of renowned national as well as international customers to ensure cable cooling at all times and to enable the user to charge well over one hundred kilometres of range in just a few minutes.

Anschluss eines wassergekühlten HPC-Ladekabels
Connection of a water-cooled HPC charging cable

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