Coolant and water additives

Korrosionsschutz und Schmiermittel im Wasserkreislauf


The coolant in a water cooling system is an essential system component and just as important for the proper operation of the cooling system as, for example, the pump or the heat exchanger. The coolant is also referred to as a cooling fluid or water additive.

In order to meet the special environmental conditions in a water cooling system, we have developed the coolant innovatek Protect, which sets standards in terms of corrosion protection and cooling thanks to its different variants as well as its excellent performance in the end customer and industrial sectors.

Protection against corrosion and biological attack

Our coolant has special properties to ensure the long-term and safe operation of a water cooling system, such as protection against corrosion and biological attack. Furthermore, the coolant ensures that the cooling water does not foam due to a foam inhibitor contained in it. The coolant also has lubricating properties to protect the pump and its bearings. A special property of the coolant developed and produced by us is the absolutely safe protection against corrosion of different metals (e.g. aluminium and copper) in one circuit!

The innovatek Protect coolant enables problem-free operation of the water cooling system, eliminating the need for time-consuming and permanent preparation of the coolant. The coolant is available from us as a concentrate and as a ready-to-use mixture in various container sizes and variants. The concentrate can be mixed with distilled water or, in the case of the Protect PRO variant, with normal tap water.

Environmental protection

We also place the highest value on environmental protection, because Protect is biodegradable. When the coolant is discharged into a sewage treatment plant, the degradation activity of the micro-organisms is not impaired and the cooling water is completely biodegraded. In addition, our Protect IP, PRO, KOR and R coolants do not contain boron (borax), which means you can use the coolants without having to label them.

You can order the innovatek Protect coolant directly in our online shop or contact us by e-mail or phone if you need special containers or different sizes. An EU-compliant data sheet for our coolants can of course also be found in our online shop.

You can find a comparison of the coolants we offer here: Coolants in comparison


  • Protects 100 % reliably against corrosion
  • Suppression of deposits in the cooling water
  • Especially suitable for use with copper and aluminium in cooling circuits
  • Reduces surface tension and thus reduces the formation of bubbles on surfaces (such as the cooler)
  • Foam brake prevents foam formation in the cooling water
  • Lubricating effect for optimum lubrication of the pump
  • Long-term stable
  • Biodegradable

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