Coolant and water additives


The coolant in a cooling system is an essential system component and is just as important for the proper operation of the cooling system as, for example, the pump or the heat exchanger. The coolant is also referred to as refrigerant.

We offer our customers two types of coolants, which are based on glycol/water or oil:

Cooling capacity of our coolants in comparison

Depending on the coolant, these have different thermal capacities, which affect the cooling performance. In comparison, water-based coolants offer significantly better cooling performance than cooling oils, but are electrically conductive and can therefore only be used in conjunction with additional heat sinks.

Wasser (100 %)

Protect KOR (98 %)

Protect IP/PRO (85 %)

Protect R (85 %)

Protect N (80 %)

Dielectric Coolant M (50 %)

Dielectric Coolant E (42 %)

Dielectric Coolant S (32 %)

Water is given here as a reference value. However, water without additives cannot be used for heat transport in cooling systems.

Our coolants from the Protect family are based on a glycol/water base in order to meet the special environmental conditions in a water cooling system. We offer a total of four different variants, which set standards in terms of corrosion protection and cooling with their excellent performance in the end customer and industrial sectors.

If you want to cool electrical components such as charging cables without insulators and additional heat sinks, our cooling oils are the best choice for your project. Here, too, we offer you different variants to find the perfect solution for your waste heat problem.

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