CNC Machining

Professionelle Herstellung von komplexen Werkstücken und Baugruppen


With us, the design, development and production (CNC machining) of high-quality and complex workpieces and assemblies is no problem. Both single-item production and series production are easily possible in our company.

Maschinenpark der innovatek OS GmbH
Machinery of the innovatek OS GmbH

Thanks to our high-precision CNC machining centres with 3-axis up to 5-axis simultaneous machining, even complex requirements are no problem in CNC manufacturing (machining), whereby our machines can easily carry out simultaneous, free-form, plastic, hard and turning machining. In terms of materials, we process aluminium, brass, copper, plastics, super duplex steels, titanium, stainless steel or even special alloys in CNC machining.

By using the latest CAD/CAM systems, our capabilities are almost unlimited to cover a wide range of applications such as the construction as well as the machining of housings, cast and welded parts, prototypes, test carriers, mould inserts, die electrodes and much more. In addition, we can cover the following sizes to be machined:

  • 3-axis milling: up to 2600 x 750 x 750 mm
  • 4-axis simultaneous: up to 2000 x 750 x 750 mm
  • 5-axis simultaneous: up to 1100 x 1100 x 750mm (Ø 1100 = interference circle diameter)
  • Turning: Ø 580 x 2000 mm

In addition to CNC machining, we also offer professional surface finishing. This ranges from galvanic and chemical surfaces to hardening, nitriding, powder coating or even screen printing.

Of course, all components produced in our company are subjected to testing before they are assembled.

Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email if you are interested.

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We develop and produce in Germany.

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