Control and monitoring technology

Regel- und Überwachungstechnik


The controllers from the SC series developed by innovatek are the optimal solution for monitoring and controlling cooling systems to ensure safe operation of the system at all times.

SC200- und SC45-Controller von innovatek
SC200 and SC45 controllers from innovatek

Thanks to a large number of analogue inputs, the controllers can evaluate sensor data such as pressure, flow and temperature. Active control of e.g. pumps and fans is also no problem. The controllers are connected via the RS485 interface and via an additional module via network (TCP/IP) and USB to send and receive data. ModBus RTU and the innovatek protocol are available as communication protocols. With the help of the controllers, internal as well as external control and monitoring is possible.

Thanks to the extensive parameterisability and a freely configurable and scriptable user interface, the controllers can fulfil almost any control task – up to extremely complex control scenarios based on multiple measured values and external triggers. Measurement data is acquired via analogue inputs or via bus systems, with which a large number of sensors can be connected to a sensor bus and read out. The coupling of several controllers is also possible without any problems.

Controller der SC-Serie im produktiven Einsatz
Controllers of the SC series in productive use

Due to their compact dimensions and a top-hat rail housing, the controllers can be easily integrated almost anywhere.


  • Modularly expandable (e.g. Peltier control)
  • Various expansion stages available
  • Scriptable user interface
  • Individually customisable
  • 16-bit resolution (MCU)
  • Coupling of several controllers
  • Connection via RS485, RJ45, USB
  • Communication via ModBus RTU or innovatek protocol

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